Reasons Why Painting is Socially Important?

Reasons Why Painting is Socially Important?

“I take experience and turn it into art. My life is my masterpiece”

They say Art is a way of life – one that inspires a human being to achieve, to de-stress and to motive oneself to walk the path of life with the hope of success. Nowadays, people are trampled under work pressure and deadlines; they need some space to vent their feelings and emotions. What better way is there than to use art as a medium of expression!  Then again, we are social beings who cannot stay isolated from society. Consequentially, whatever we do is shared among our tribe.

When one creates art, they give themselves an opportunity to face their fears, their hopes and their visions and ideals. Further, one can fearlessly convey their saddest despairs and great happiness through their work, be it, fine art or painting.

Painting specifically, is an unconventional form of expression. In fact, painting as a spiritual practice is an act of conscious, creative alignment with our innately creative soul. The artist can surrender, to open his/her heart, and see themselves through new eyes and to show the audience a new perspective of life.

** Artwork by our Students

Today, the progress of painting as spiritual therapy runs parallel to most hardcore scientific therapies. Here at Anthelion School of Art. we help people develop themselves spiritually through painting.

Moving on to personal use of paintings, a good painting not only sets one a class apart, it is also more visually appealing and decorative compared to other visual artifacts. Many people value modern paintings according to how well they can spark a conversation. A beautiful painting and its painter can open one’s mind to a new vision of the world, while some other may electrify emotions, while other ones simply set a style for a room.

Most importantly perhaps, in today’s world where the focus is shifting from mainstream professions to more creative ones, painting provides great financial scope. With the advent of modernism, painting as a genre has metamorphed into various categories giving its lovers myriad possibilities to explore. For example, Abstract art refers to a style of painting that does not use objective reality as a reference. Instead, the artist alludes to his or her subject and reduces it to a simplified form. Colors and shapes are used to portray emotions and the landscape of one’s inner world.

Another major issue of discussion today is the proper growth of a child’s perception and understanding. Well, yes, Painting helps with that too. When parents encourage their children to learn painting, they are sharpening their child’s large and small muscle development, as well as their eye-hand coordination. Using crayons, markers, and paintbrushes helps children practice the fine motor control they will need for writing later on. As children work together in art schools, they learn to share, to interact with others, to be responsible for cleanup, and to put materials away. These are positive and important changes for social learning. Anthelion School of Art takes special care to encourage children into group work facilitating their behavioral development.

** Artwork by our Students

Talking of behavioral development, it is quite evident that people are losing their human touch in the race to succeed in their lives, it is not wrong to say that painting brings this humanity back into human beings. It helps us to communicate in a different, personal language. This is a great benefit for all people and mainly for those who have conditions with a lack of communication or problems expressing themselves such as: shyness, autism and other disabilities. In this global society driven by competition, painting gives one a recluse; Working in a non-competitive, relaxed environment (the teacher plays a major role here) will enable the student to come closer to greater personal achievements; this will strengthen his/her individuality and self-esteem. This is especially significant for people with codependency, traumatic conditions and elderly people who need activities that can strengthen their autonomy.

People who immerse themselves several hours painting or creating something enter a purer area, in a very strong state of concentration; they abstract themselves from their surroundings and time passes by without noticing it. Physical pains fade away; it is almost like entering another dimension without leaving our body. This concentration state is called Alpha; one part of the brain is conscious and the other pulls the unconscious out. There is more creation because a pure energy is transmitted to what´s being created, and we can spend hours without feeling tiredness, pain or other conditions eventually making the person more socially lovable.

Practice, understand and discussing art creates a better understanding of it.

All these factors direct an individual to the most essential element lacking in human life today- Learning how to paint has all the benefits of good entertainment:  laughter, social acceptance and learning something new.

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