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We want to make ART a PART of life. Our school offers an array of unique Art Therapy based Painting Classes that covers all the mediums for people of All Ages. We are a complete ecosystem for Art, working globally in – Art Training (Classes), Workshops, Exhibitions, Online Gallery, Art Camps, Art Therapy and much more.

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Classes at Anthelion

Learning to paint is easy at our classes. This is especially true thanks to an array of skilled and talented Instructors, all of whom will go whatever length it takes to make you proud of your paintings! We provide classes both for adults and for kids because we are absolutely sure that the art of painting os a universal thing, which can be a source of joy for anyone!


and Private Lessons…

Shake off the daily stress in one of our daily Group Painting Classes. Bring a party of friends or colleagues, or make new ones while you’re learning to paint.! Or simply sign up for a Private Painting class, where a personal instructor will be right beside you all the time! Either way, learning how to paint is both fun and revitalizing!


for kids

As with learning anything else, it’s always easier to start when you’re a child.  The pace with which kiddos learn something new is just way faster than it goes for the adults. That is why we recommend you to send your child to our classes, ensuring a fun and relaxing hobby for him or her!

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Learning to paint was always one of my biggest dreams! But when I was working at my day job, I’ve never had enough time on my hands to accomplish that. Since recently I’ve retired, making this dream come true finally became an option for me!