Courses at

Anthelion School of Art

General Classes:

  • General Art Classes – 1 per week, 4 (or 5) per month.
  • Students can follow the same syllabus guideline as per his/her choice.
  • Once a Module is complete, the student may apply for an exam on that module.
  • Once all modules are complete, student can get the diploma.
  • No Time Limit.

Diploma (Full Time – 12 months):

  • Art Classes based on the syllabus guideline.
  • Three Classes per week, 12 classes per month.
  • Total time for completion of course about 12 months.
  • Payment – monthly.

Crash Courses:

  • Customized crash courses as per student’s need.
  • Special crash courses on Modules, Mediums, batch classes (8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 24), Calligraphy.
  • Pay & Paint individual classes also available.
  • Full Payment in Advance.
  • Time Limit dependent.



Besides the above 4 kinds of courses, Anthelion School of Art also provides “Diploma in Fine Arts” as a General Certification Program” for all artists who want to just apply for the test and get the certificate. So if you are an artist who have learned and practiced Fine Arts anywhere in the world and you are in need of a CERTIFICATE, you may apply for the GENERAL CERTIFICATION PROGRAM (GCP).

First you have to “Register”. Then you shall be provided 6 weeks of time to prepare and align yourself with our “Syllabus”. You may also undertake crash course for this from our school. After that you shall have a “Theory” & a “Practical” test. On clearing the test you shall be allotted a project, the topic of which shall be mutually decided between you and our Exam Committee. Finally on completion of the project and submission of the final Art-Work & Project Report, there shall be a Viva-Voice and on clearing that, you will receive your Diploma certificate.

In case you fail at any level, you may repeat from that point one more time, within 12 months from the date of registration.

The total cost of this GSCP is Rs 20,000/- of which 50% is to be paid at the time of registration and rest before getting the certificate.



General Class Student (GCS) / Full Time Diploma (FTD) / Crash Courses

Terms, Conditions & Rules – regarding Attendance, Payment and Make-up classes.

Effective from 1st January 2019.

Payment Rules:

  1. All payments are pre-paid and non-refundable.
    1. Admission-cum-Registration Fees – Rs. 2,500/- for GCS; Rs. 5,000/- FTD
    2. Tuition Fees – Rs. 1,500 (GCS) (per Calendar Month for 4 GCS classes); 5,000 (FTD) (per Calendar Month for 12 FTD classes).
    3. Pay & Paint classes – Rs. 500 / class (with Admission); Rs. 650 / class (without Admission).
    4. Crash Courses – Rs 500/- per class for the entire set of classes to be paid before joining.
  2. Each Student will get 4 (GCS) / 12 (FTD) classes in a Calendar Month with a scheduled Slot in a Week, as chosen by the student. If there are more classes for the chosen slot in a month, the student has to pay for extra classes.
  3. Tuition fees (for each Calendar Month) to be paid by the 7th of every Calendar Month.
  4. If Due date (7th of Calendar Month) is missed, a late fine of Rs. 25/day shall be imposed.
  5. No Gaps are allowed in Payment Cycle. If payment is not received within the 30th of the month, registration shall get cancelled and readmission with Rs 1,000/- will be required.
  6. All art materials to be sold on spot payment. No Credits Please.

* Special Discounts during special offers only. Conditions Apply

Attendance, Absence, Make-up Classes & Re-joining:

  1. We request our students to stick to their registered scheduled slots. We also request our students to be on time, reach the class at least 5 min before schedule to settle and start the class on time.
  2. If a student is unable to attend his/her class, he/she must inform the Centre Manager at least 2 hours prior to the class/slot schedule time. It is Student’s responsibility to inform in time, or else the class will be considered as consumed. Informing within 3 hours will not be acceptable.
  3. A student must undertake his/her 4 (or 5) classes in each calendar month on his/her own responsibility. If the student is unable to attend his/her scheduled slot, it would be his/her responsibility to coordinate with the centre manager and adjust in any other slot based on availability within the same Calendar Month. IT IS NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY.
  4. Make-up classes shall not accumulate or carry forwarded. Once the Calendar Month is over, its respective 4 (or 5) classes are lapsed. So, it is student’s personal responsibility to consume his/her 4 (or 5) classes in a Calendar Month.
  5. All Make-up / Adjusted classes will need booking by prior appointments.
  6. We cannot guarantee same mentor in the Make-up / Adjusted classes.
  7. Student can apply for pre-informed absence (with at least 10 days prior intimation) for defined period with full timely payment of fees. In such cases we shall provide 30 – 60 days of time from re-joining to make-up the missed classes.
  8. Anthelion School of Art reserves the right to admission or cancel a registration if it deems required with or without providing any reason whatsoever for its said action.

As a student you undertake to not approach any of the Mentors or Teachers of Anthelion School of Art personally and try to learn from him or her outside the arrangements and infrastructure of Anthelion School of Art for a period of 3 years from the date of signing this document. Breach of this term will invite legal action.